The Little Things

I had the strangest email last night. A woman I didn’t know sent me a message on the physician-only website that we both frequent. She thanked me for my support of Islam in the face of terrible racist comments by some other members. I don’t believe I ever had direct contact with this physician. I try to avoid the political posts on the site, but speak up when someone posts something outrageous-like blaming Islam for the Orlando massacre.

I’m sure I’ve met Muslims, but cannot count any among my friends. But there is a basic decency to humans, and a kindness belonging to those who understand their faith. America is based on religious freedom. I will not blame an entire group for the actions of a few.

What do the marginal white racists want? That we inter all Muslims like we did the Japanese? That we bomb and kill the largest religious group on the planet? Does it make “us” feel better to drive a Muslim physician from a professional site?

And why should I be thanked for not being a bigot?

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